Behavioural Consultations

Are you struggling with your dog's behaviour? A behaviour consultation is the first step to making change.

A huge warm welcome!

Gemma has been approved by the ADTB (Academy of dog training and behaviour). This organisation is a members only association for those which have completed the full six courses in dog training with the ADTB. It also ensures her client that she is a trainer who uses force-free positive and up-to-date training methods.

Gemma is also a proud member of the newly founded pet professional network. This is a membership approved only group which supports trainers and behaviourists. Again it reassures owners that Gemma practices positive training methods, and that she is continuing studies in her field.


To read more about Gemma's journey and to see her full list of qualifications 

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'Putting your dog's emotions at the heart of rehabilitation and training'


What do owners think?

"The classes are fun and we do new tricks or routine every week and always reinforcing the basics eg walking to heel, sit, stay, down, etc."

Julie & Isla

Gemma is known for her understanding and empathy with clients individual circumstances. She is extremely approachable and friendly and puts all her clients at ease. Her fun nature makes training fun for both human and dog which has proven to see quicker and more effects results with her cases.

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