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Welcome! To a place where I hope you can find answers and support. To know you are not the only one struggling with their dogs' reactive behaviour.

I know that by the time you get here you are most probably at your witts end and are ready to give up, maybe deep down you have given up and have possibly had that horrible conversation with your family about rehoming your dog,

However, something is telling you to hold on and try one more thing.

This is a very common story for many dog families. You are not alone in how you feel right now. You may feel a failure, a bad dog parent, frustrated, jealous of other dog owners, stressed, exhausted, anxious, worried, concerned. among many other feelings. You may have got to the point where your dog's behaviour has stopped you from having visitors to the home, you may have stopped walking him due to how unpleasant the experience is for both of you.

You have probably tried those cool looking online courses where the trainer appears to 'fix' the dog in days, You may have read books, you have listened to the advice of caring family and enthusiastic dog owners. You have spent hours trowling the internet for quick-fix answers. All to no avail, you still feel lost, lonely and totally disconnected from your dog.


This is not how it was supposed to be. You had the vision of weekend walks to the pub, sitting in the garden with your dog under the beer table. taking him to the garden centre with you, visiting friends and family with him or even taking him on holiday with you. WHAT HAPPENED? Is it your fault? Is it the dogs' fault? Are you both to blame?

STOP! All this overthinking is just blocking your journey to recovery. I am here to help. You see your dogs' behaviour is driven by his emotions. How he behaves towards other dogs or people will have an emotional driving force behind it. This could be due to a bad experience, fear, lack of socialisation, genetics, pain, hormone imbalance among many other factors. You can chuck as much training at your dog as you like and you may get some success along the way. However, the driving force for the behaviour still remains. This is why my approach is very much focused on finding out what is driving your dogs' behaviour and finding a way we can help him and support him so as he no longer feels the need to behave in such a way. I very much focus on rebalancing him emotionally and we work hard to help you understand your dog and find ways to rebuild that relationship so you can enjoy him again and support him correctly.

I will warn you, this is not an easy ride, and it takes dedication and hard work, but my god is it worth it.

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The canine reactive hub is a Facebook group created to change the stigma surrounding reactive dogs so that owners no longer feel isolated and alone.

Canine Reactive - Support Hub | Facebook

'Putting your dogs emotions at the heart of rehabilitation and training'

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Gemma is known for her understanding and empathy with clients individual circumstances. She is extremely approachable and friendly and puts all her clients at ease. Her fun nature makes training fun for both human and dog which has proven to see quicker and more effects results with her cases.

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Gemma's Dog Training & Behaviour is passionate about helping reactive dog owners find relief and reconnection.

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