1-1 Training

Regardless of your dogs age, a good level of obedience can make the difference between you enjoying your dog or cringing at your dogs behaviour. Dogs need, and love to learn new things. training your dog helps strengthen your bond and ensures that you can enjoy your life with your furry friend.


Obedience exercises I can help you with:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Retrieve
  • Leave it
  • Drop it
  • Walk by
  • Watch me
  • Focus work
  • Lead walking
  • Door control


Advantages of 1-1

  • Time constraints and busy lives can sometimes make it difficult to attend a class session which if fixed on location and time. 1-1 sessions allow flexibility of when and where we train.

  • Do you have a fearful or anxious dog? Placing a dog with anxiety or nervous tendencies into a class environment only escalates the problem and leaves you with a dog which will not be able to focus on training, whilst also having a damaging psychological effect on your dog.

  • Is your dog either human or dog aggressive? This will mean you are unable to place them into a class environment, however, these dogs still require training. 1-1 sessions enable you to give your dog training with the possibility of adding some useful skills which can help you with your dogs' reactivity when out and about.

  • Don't like the idea of being in a class environment? 1-1 means you have no one watching you or your dog, so you the owner can stay completely relaxed which will aid in the training. Relaxed owner = relaxed dog, meaning the dog will be able to focus and understand owners command more clearly.

  • Personalised training: You may have set ideas in what exercises/behaviours you want to teach your dog, which may not be covered in a standard dog training class. 1-1 means we can tailor make your training package and cover specific exercises you wish to work on with your dog.

  • 1-1 also enables you the owner to have my undivided attention and opportunity to have more of a personal connection, which some people find empowering in helping them train their dog.

  • is your dog focused on you in class, but once out side you struggle to get his attention for even a split second. 1-1 means we can train in the real world, meaning you get better more effective results from your dog than you would purely in a class environment.

dog and master.jpg


Four sessions £160

Six sessions £235

Eight sessions £310

Top-ups £45