Vet Package

Many dogs have a fear of visiting the vets, and it is no wonder, as many of them only get an opportunity to build up a negative association with the place. The vets is a strange place with confined rooms, strange smells and sounds; and why are those humans wearing those coats!!. A visit to the vets normally involves some sort of negative experiences, such as injections or an operation.

As with any aspect of a dog's life, some dogs handle trips to the vets better than others.

If you are the owner of a nervous or reactive dog then trips to the vets can become extremely stressful and at times embarrassing.

This package is designed to help dogs cope with the vet visit, and build a positive association with the environment. It also focuses on handling and restraint which will help you and the vet in the future.

Package includes:

•Initial behavioural assessment in the form of a 60-minute consultation

•Written behaviour report which both you and the vet receive a copy of.

•Three visits to the vets which will include practical training, creating behaviour change, and re-focus work.

•Acquisition of skills which you can use to help you with future vet visits.

•Up to three hours of ongoing support via phone or email for those moments when you're not sure.

Cost of package £225.00