Adult Obedience Classes

So you've completed a puppy training course or you have an older dog. These courses are perfect for you. It is important that your dog's training continues throughout his entire life not just during his puppy years. Keep your dog's mind stimulated and strengthen the bond between you and your dog by attending regular training classes. The adult obedience classes extend on from the puppy course and intensify basic commands such as sit, down, heel-work etc. You will learn more exercises to help you with everyday life with your dog whilst building up a strong bond which will last for your dog's entire life.

  What is Covered

  • Refresh sit stay & down stay

  • Loose lead work

  • Distance work

  • Giving commands out of sight

  • Impulse control

  • Door control

  • Emergency stop

  • Place

  • Tricks

  • And much, much more

Classes are ran on a Thursday evening working on a term basis. Please contact me direct for dates and prices.