Stooge dog?

The role of a stooge dog is extremely important in the rehabilitation of some dog behaviour problems. It can be a great way to help reactive dogs gain the confidence they need to be around other dogs without going to that negative place.

So what is a stooge?

A stooge dog is simply a dog which I place in the distance. The stooge is a calm and confident dog which is not phased by the other dogs behaviour, i.e. lunging, barking, growling etc. The reactive dog is then worked at a distance (under the dogs threshold) so as we can build a positive association with the sight of another dog. Gradually the reactive dog is able to get closer and accept presence of other dog. This type of training is called behaviour adjustment training (see B.A.T section in services on this website).

Why offer your self and your dog as a stooges?

Many reactive dog owners can feel isolated, judged and at their wits end. They see their being no way out, and the thought of taking their dog for a walk is not that of enjoyment, but one of stress, worry, and embarrassment. . They need your help! And it is extremely comforting to them that you are willing to offer your dog in order to help their dog recover. Owners of reactive dogs are extremely grateful for the help stooge owners offer, as am I. As a professional and a previous owner of a reactive dog, I completely understand what it feels like to be on the other end of the leash. Knowing that their are dog owners out their who do not judge and are willing to help is very heart warming.

Be part of something special

By offering your dog as a stooge, and offering a little of your time you can make a massive difference to both dog and owner. It also gives you a front row seat in which you can observe how I work and whiteness for yourself the positive and sometimes dramatic change in a reactive dog.

Want to help

If you think your dog would be a good candidate as a stooge dog, then please get in touch today. HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Lets all support each other not judge each other

. Their is a reason the dog is reactive and it is not always down to the owner.