Intermediate Program


This is where you will start to see a huge transformation in your dogs' behaviour around his trigger. With the use of some nifty handling skills, a pinch of counter conditioning and a heap of behaviour adjustment training this program brings together all the skills learnt in the foundation course applying them in a more real-life situation with the use of a controlled environment and stooge dog or stooge human. You will learn during the foundation program that in order for your dog to gain confidence around his trigger and to reduce his reactive response by rewarding more appropriate behaviours around that stimulus you need to work with the dog under his threshold. This means the dog is exposed to the stimulus at a distance and in a controlled environment which enables them to be aware of the trigger without reacting. Through the use of some positive reinforcement and decompression exercises, your dog can build up his confidence in a safe and controlled environment. 

This program is initially a four-week program with the option of adding extra sessions as required.

Sessions take place at either my training field or barn.

This program can only be enrolled onto once you and your dog have completed the foundation program.


The package includes

  • Four one hour sessions ( please note session times may vary, it is important that we never push the dog too far, or make them work beyond their ability. each session will be assessed accordingly. an hour is an estimate of time per session).

  • Rental of either training field or barn

  • Secure controlled environment

  • Acquisition of a paid stooge dog and owner

  • Ongoing support via phone or email Mon-Fri 9 am- 5 pm

  • Ongoing access to the private Facebook group

  • Supportive assets as required

Cost £295.00

Top up session £55.00