Advanced program


Ready for the next level? You and your dog have made an amazing journey so far and things can only get better from here. I know that training sessions do not reflect the real world and that having the confidence to apply some of the skills in a real-life scenario or even remembering how to cope in certain situations is very different in lessons compared to when actively having to implement them in real life. This is why I have developed this program which can be booked as and when required. The program involves meeting you in various locations e.g. town centre, busy woodlands etc where you want to take your dog (when he is ready) but needs the support and guidance of me by your side to ensure things are being implemented correctly. 

This is a flexible service and can be booked as and when required. Each session lasts around an hour with the session taking place in an agreed location to suit the individual dogs training program and stage of rehabilitation.

Cost £65 per session ( Including travel costs).

As with all the previous programs clients continue to receive ongoing support and assets as required.

This program is for those who have already completed the foundation and intermediate.