Behaviour adjustment training

​Do you envy that dog owner who can swan passed other dogs with her own dog, who is able to have interaction in a calm manner and then move on, without any altercations? She is able to take her dog anywhere and enjoy beautiful relaxing walks with her best friend. After all, is this not the main attraction of owning a dog?

Are you the opposite? You try and walk your dog in locations where you are not going to meet another dog and therefore your not going to become anxious, your not going to start wrapping the lead around your hand and start reeling your dog into you; at the same time your dog is starting to growl and rear up onto his back legs. Then you and your dog go into panic mode, the other dog is still approaching, and you have nowhere to go! what happens next?

Just writing the last two sentences reminds me of how I used to be with my late dog Rocky, who was dog aggressive. I used to tense up, become extremely anxious and despite all my best efforts of having him on short lead and moving right out of the way of the oncoming owner and his off lead dog (the other dog was still allowed to approach, because the other dog was - in the owners words "my dogs fine"). "Oh crap! please, please, please call your dog away" I would reply in desperation. Then your left in the most embarrassing, and sometimes upsetting of situations, having to protect and defend your dog.

Can your dog be helped, Can you one day relax when you see a dog approaching in the distance off the lead. Well as much as I would love to say "yes" to all those owners that go through this traumatic experience every time they walk their dog, I cant. However many can be trained to cope with the situation. And we can reduce their reactivity by a huge amount, at the same time helping you the owner to enjoy walking your dog again. B.A.T is the golden nugget in my dog training toolbox thanks to an amazing lady Grisha Stewart. And for reasons mentioned below "I love it". And I know you and your dog will too.


What is B.A.T?

Behavioural adjustment training was discovered by Grisha Stewart. When she encountered problems with her own dog, peanut. He started to display aggression towards other dogs, she sought to find a way to rehabilitate him without using force or aversive methods. And so B.A.T was born.

The idea of B.A.T is that you allow the dog to have positive experiences in the presence of the stimulus or stressor that they normally find hard to accept or cope with. The training involves using; what Grisha calls, 'set-ups' with some pretty nifty lead techniques to make the dog feel as though they are off leash, and in control, in a safe environment at a distance where no harm can come to the dog in question or indeed the 'dummy-dog'. All the time throughout the training you allow the dog to make the choices. It is our job as owner and trainer to be there for the dog to provide support if needed and to get him out of danger if he goes over his threshold. The main principle of B.A.T is that you never allow the dog to go over his threshold, so the need for rescuing is often not required.




What do we Use B.A.T for?

B.A.T can be used with any dog at any time. whether your dog is suffering from aggression problems, fear phobias, exuberant behaviours, hyper excitement etc., we can use B.A.T.

Does it work?

When I first read about B.A.T, I was a little unsure and confused by the techniques used. I found it hard to see how these subtle changes in our body posture and lead work could make such a dramatic difference on a dog which is being aggressive towards another dog. I  know only too well that once a dog is in the 'zone' there is no way of snapping them out of it, no matter what tasty food bribe you have to hand. However, I tried B.A.T on my own dog when he developed aggressive behaviour towards dogs. And I was amazed at the results and in such a short space of time. So yes it definitely works and the best thing about this training is that there is no pressure placed on the dog or human for that matter. It enables you both to work as a team and build such a strong trusting relationship. As mentioned B.A.T isn't purely for those which are reactive in an aggressive way. It can also be used with over-exuberant dogs or puppies, teaching them to approach in a calm manner as opposed to bull-dozing their way towards the other dog or human.

B.A.T Package

  • Communication with your vet

  • Six 1-1 coaching sessions

  • Acquisition of a stooge dog and owner

  • Education of canine body language, trigger stacking, management tools.

  • Support via phone or email Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

  • Education and demonstration of coping techniques, lead skills, body blocking, and focus work.

  • Rental of a secure training field

  • Follow-up

Cost £357.00

Please note that before a B.A.T Package can be booked a full behavioural consultation will need to be carried out by myself.  Click             for more information about behavioural consultations.