Behavioural consultation

As a previous owner of a reactive dog I can sympathies with those owners who struggle on  a daily basis with their dogs behaviour. Owning a dog with behaviour problems can leave you feeling isolated and at times embarrassed. This leads to you making life changes which affect both you and your dogs welfare. You may change where you walk, stop walking your dog all together, refrain from inviting people to your home etc.

As a professional canine behaviour consultant it is my job to find out exactly why your dog is behaving the way he is and advise you on what is required through rehabilitation and training in order to gain long term positive and effective results.

I only take on new clients who are willing to commit to ongoing support as this is the best way to establish a change in your dogs behaviour. I support my clients through each stage of the rehabilitation process, ensuring that at no point they feel isolated or alone.

Before the consultation takes place I will need a completed referral form from your referring vet.


The Consultation

  • Pre-consult discovery call

  • Relevant prep and communication with your referring vet

  • 60-90 minute in home consultation

  • Behaviour report

Cost £75.00