Clever dog.

I love all my obedience classes, and I am very lucky to have some wonderful clients, in the form of both dog and owner of course. Nico has been with me since I started up a year ago and he is an absolute delight to have in class. He provides us with much entertainment and is a very quick learner. Here is a video of him in session this week doing some wonderful "item association". Listen out for him talking back to his owners. got to love this canine.

Isla - Rally obedience

I am always looking for ways to keep my clients engaged during class and try to keep them fun and interesting. My recent application to my advanced obedience class was some basic rally obedience. Check out Isla the collie doing very well indeed.

Tango: From out of control to perfect.

Meet Tango. This dog was unable to focus for even a split second when he first started attending obedience classes. This video was take four sessions later. He has so much more self control now, and his focus on his owner is beautiful A far cry from the extremely over exuberant dog which came through the doors out of control and non responsive to his owners. Look at him now. Super dog.


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