My dog is aggressive - say it loud and proud!

​What? Is she mad? Admit that my dog is aggressive, and let everyone know about it! Bear with me and read further. I have not gone mad, and there is a relevant and important theory behind my suggestion. There are a huge number of dog owners out there who are feeling isolated. The reason being that they have a reactive dog. This makes it hard for them to walk their dog, and therefore makes the whole prospect of taking their dog for a walk a stressful and embarrassing one. The owners of these dogs tend to find locations where they are less likely to come across another dog and owner to avoid the stress and embarrassment. Due to the embarrassment and stress, an incident can have on an owner has

Stooge dog?

The role of a stooge dog is extremely important in the rehabilitation of some dog behaviour problems. It can be a great way to help reactive dogs gain the confidence they need to be around other dogs without going to that negative place. So what is a stooge? A stooge dog is simply a dog which I place in the distance. The stooge is a calm and confident dog which is not phased by the other dogs behaviour, i.e. lunging, barking, growling etc. The reactive dog is then worked at a distance (under the dogs threshold) so as we can build a positive association with the sight of another dog. Gradually the reactive dog is able to get closer and accept presence of other dog. This type of training is ca


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