Stubborn as a mule?

Just like humans dogs come from many different backgrounds, different genetic heritage and have different learning styles. All of these factors affect your dog's ability to learn and their ease of training. The hardest to train dogs are not a specific breed, although breed profile does affect some aspects of behaviour and willingness to learn but more so learning styles. This is the cause of many owners coming up against training struggles with their furry friend. How do you train a dog which has no interest in food or you as an owner, does not listen, is manipulative, stubborn, and has bundles of attitude on top? Before you continue reading I would like to inform you that I completely sympa

The quick fix answer to all your dogs behaviour problems has just arrived!

There is a brand new quick fix solution to all your dog's behavioural problems! Great! I have your attention. No doubt you were drawn to this post due to the title. "finally a product which eradicates my dog's behaviour problems, just like that". Well, this is where I have to disappoint you I'm afraid. I am not about to inform you of a new quick fix product which promises either of the following: Stop barking NOW, Stop pulling NOW, Stop jumping up NOW, Stop running off NOW, stop aggression NOW. (please continue reading). The reason I am not offering this to you is that they simply do not exist. You see their are many products which are on the pet market claiming to fix many of the behaviour


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