Puppy class with a difference

Many puppy/socialisation classes use similar setups and approaches. Generally, the class has too many pups for the size of the venue, the individual pups ability to cope in a new environment and social situation is often over looked, and despite a pup maybe showing signs of not coping, he is still forced to, and expected to be able to perform all of the obedience exercises as well as the other dogs. Pups are supposed to complete the same standard of various basic obedience exercise within six to eight weeks regardless of the individual pups ability and more importantly whether or not the pup is happy doing that specific task. At Gemma's Dog Training & Behaviour I run puppy classes in a very

Impulse control Aggression

This can be mistakenly seen and labelled as dominance aggression. Recent research has shown that the previous “Dominance theory” is flawed. And that due to thousands of years of both domestication and breeding the domestic modern dog is NOT a wolf. Research has also taught us that wild dogs (which domestic dogs are more closely linked when it comes to social order) are NOT pack animals. And as a result, do not strive to dominate individuals. Aggression and fights may be seen in these groups when there is a source which two or more members value highly and neither one is prepared to give it up. No different to children fighting over their favorite toy. Most aggressive behaviours seen in our d


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