From Reactive - Passive

You dread walks, you worry about what people must think, you blame yourself, where did you go wrong? Why can't your dog be normal? You have had several heated discussions with your family that have threatened to rehome the dog. You have many walks which have ended up in you crying and resenting your dog! You have had advice thrown at you from friends, family, the dog expert at the local dog-walking ground, Youtube, google, other trainers or behaviourists, but nothing works! And on top of it all, it seems to be getting worse!

I know, I have been there with my own reactive dog. Living with a reactive dog is emotionally exhausting and can make you feel very lonely and helpless. 

Please suffer no longer. There are many courses online currently offering to "fix" your reactive dog. HOWEVER; they are missing one very important element. You see, reactivity or any behaviour for that matter is fueled by emotions. The majority of dogs react because they feel vulnerable, anxious, scared or stressed. This then shuts down the learning part of their brain, so regardless of what training you try and throw at your dog in the hopes of reducing their reactivity, they will struggle to make progress simply because they cant. Ever tried to get your dogs attention when he is reacting, impossible right, he can't hear you. All the while, their stress levels are extremely high, and their body is constantly in a state of fight or flight. This negatively impacts the dog physically, increasing heart rate, increasing hormones such as adrenaline, suppressing the digestive system, and affecting immune response. 

Also, what about you? Yes, you? You are equally important, and therefore this program is tailored just as much for you as it is to help your dog. Supportive Pdf's, exercises, go-to guides etc. to ensure you keep your mindset positive.

Feel in control again and see your walks in a more positive light. 

This course covers a lot, please see the booklet for a summary review of the course. Please note that dependant on COVID and dependant upon where you live in relation to myself, the course may be a mixture of in-person sessions in my training field and virtual ones for the educational elements. Alternatively for those who wish to benefit from the program but are not in my catchment area, the course can be completed virtually.  Either way, I have you covered!

PLEASE NOTE: Dog's have to be referred to this course pending a behavioural consultation. This will be discussed with you during the discovery call. Email Gemma at to book the discovery call TODAY!