Foundation Program
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This is where the empowering journey starts. I know you are keen to dive straight into practical training to 'fix' your dogs' reactive behaviour. You may have been told or believe that your dog needs socialization opportunities and exposure to the threat to help them "get used to it" and overcome his fear!

This is NOT the way forward. You could potentially make your dogs fear worse and therefore heighten his reactive response.

Instead, it is essential that we first understand the dog, make changes to their lives that will immediately reduce stress and, therefore, help rebalance their emotional state, ready to take on new learning. You, the owner, need support and guidance to help you understand your dog better to support them effectively. Your dog also needs a confidence boost and an outlet for any stress and anxiety build-up. You need to understand what equipment is ethical to use and how to use it. You need practical skills to help you deal day to day with your dogs' reactive episodes. You need an emergency protocol for those 'oh crap' moments, and you need ongoing support for those days when things just aren'tt going right.



This and so much more is covered in this eight-week foundation program.



  • Eight sessions: these are a mixture of virtual and in-person lessons. Averaging 60 minutes each.

  • Carried out in your home or at my training field or barn (case dependant and weather dependant).

  • Plenty of supportive materials and assets

  • Access to a private Facebook support group

  • Ongoing support via phone or email Mon-Fri 8 am -5 pm.


Cost £440 

Behaviour consultation required

This program can be adapted to purely virtual sessions. This means that I can help anyone requiring the foundation skill needed to gain some instant relief from their reactive dogs' behaviour regardless of their location. How awesome is that! 

Reactive-Passive summary booklet