Having a dog which walks nicely on a lead means you can enjoy your walks together. So many of us struggle despite our best efforts to get our dogs to walk nicely on a lead.

You have tried every type of harness, head collar, lead etc. Yet your dog still pulls!

You have implemented some tried and tested training found in books or on the internet like stopping and making your dog sit before walking on, or pulling dog backwards, or changing direction. Yet still, your dog pulls!

Well, there are lots of reasons why and there are many lead training secrets which really have a strong effect on how successful your dog is on lead.

During this intense course, I will reveal those secrets and teach you how to go from being pulled down the road by your dog to walking calmly with your dog by your side.

Week 1 - Owner education evening.
This will be in the form of a power point presentation, presented by myself. Tea, coffee and cake will be available throughout. No dogs on this session just owners. It is important I educate you about all the underlying fundamentals of gaining good lead work before we even start physical training. 


week 2 & 3 - Foundation training


week 4 - Working the heel

week 5 - Mix - it -up

week 6 - Tweaking and progression


Start Date
23rd May 2019
(course runs for six weeks)


Whitecroft Memorial Hall







Only six places available. Dogs must be of good nature and dog-friendly, during some of the sessions your dog will come into close contact with other dogs. Please contact Gemma directly on 01594 835268 if you would like to book a space.