Power Training Course


Do you dream of the time when you will be able to take your dog to the cafe and sit outside enjoying a coffee? or do you have thoughts about enjoying a summer afternoon in the beer garden with your furry friend lying quietly and calmly under the table?

Do you wish you had more control of your dog? Is your dog lacking some basic manner?

Well, this course is for you!

A very special and powerful course to advance the control you have over your dog and develop a stronger relationship which leaves you with a dog to be proud of.

This course is for dogs aged from 5 months up. Your dog needs to have a good level of basic obedience skills e.g. sit and down, and be good around other dogs as some exercises may be performed off the lead.

We will cover the following exercises:

  • Sit stay - long distance

  • Down stay - long distance - very useful exercise if you want to sit in the pub garden with your dog during the summer months.

  • Door control - fed up of your dog barging past your legs, teach some self-control.

  • Distance work - get your dog to sit or down when you are away from them.

  • Walk by - it is completely natural for many dogs to want to go and greet every dog or human they see. However, as I am sure you aware it may not be appropriate and there are moments when you need your dog to simply walk by without engaging. This will teach your dog to walk calmly past other dogs and their owners.

  • Leave it - This has many uses, the main one being safety. prevent your dog from picking up dangerous items when out walking by teaching this powerful exercise.

As part of the course you will receive supportive handouts and information about how to get the most from your dog:

  • What is power training

  • Exercises to try at home

  • Mistakes we make when training

  • Fading out the food reward


Whitecroft memorial Hall



Start Date

7th February 2019

(course runs for six weeks)




Limited space available, please contact Gemma directly to book a place: 01594 835268

Have a dog you can enjoy and take anywhere with you, knowing they will be well behaved.