Puppy Classes


What are they?
You may be unsure what to expect from a puppy training class. Generally the set up is similar no matter where you attend. They are designed to teach you and your puppy the important cues and exercises which can help your puppy develop into a well-balanced dog. From my point of view, the puppy years are crucial at kick-starting your dogs out-come in life.

Topics covered in my puppy classes relate to what a puppy goes through development-wise; such as socialisation, toilet training, basic obedience and noise desensitisation. My classes also introduce puppies to basic obedience and provide good controlled socialisation with other puppies. You, the owner, will be educated on the topics mentioned above. Classes are fun and rewarding. I provide full support throughout training so you are never left in the dark.

Why bother?

If you have already read Rocky's story you will have built up a picture of how important it is to attend puppy classes. The life you have with your dog can either be one of tranquillity and happiness or one of stress and frustration.

Many studies show that dogs which have attended puppy training classes and obedience classes are less likely to develop problem behaviours later in life.

What to expect

Sessions are an hour long and each week covers different exercises and topics. All you need is your dog, a clicker and a food reward. (All this will be discussed when a booking is placed).


Classes are held at Whitecroft Memorial hall. Contact me for information on the next available course date. Courses run for a six week period and cost £65.00. This includes:

•Six one hour training sessions covering all the basics, plus some fun tricks.

•Access to a trainer once a week to ask any questions or queries you may have regarding your puppies behaviour. (during session times).

•Printed topical behaviour handouts every week, covering various aspects of training.


You will be under the guidance of a ADTB approved instructor. Qualified to degree level in behaviour, and a canine first aid responder. Fully insured,

I look forward to meeting you and your puppy soon!