Puppy package

​Getting a puppy is a very exciting prospect for many families. However, a lot of the behavioural cases I see are due to mistakes which owners have made in the very beginning before even acquiring the puppy. e.g. picking the wrong bread to suit their lifestyle.

Many owners of new puppies also feel lost and can struggle with the many challenges puppies can present, e.g. chewing, house training, crying at night etc.

before even acquiring a pup it is imperative that you do your research. This not only ensures you get a dog which suits you and your circumstances but also to ensure that you reduce as much as you can the possibility of creating unwanted behaviours due to lack of knowledge in the very beginning.

I have created a pack which gives you the owner valuable information and support, from choosing the puppy to surviving the first night. Invest a small amount in the very beginning and reduce the risk of having problems later on.

This package includes:

• Help & advice on choosing bread of dog to suit your lifestyle and where to obtain the pup from.

• Valuable information on how to help pup settle in, and how to survive those first few nights with your pup.

• Advice on stress-free house training

• Crate training - how to introduce it so your pup loves it

• Socialisation guidance and advice, with supportive handouts and socialisation chart.

• How to start your pup on the path to training success

• How to survive the chewing stages

• Information packs on the topics mentioned above so you have a constant reference point.

Cost of package £95