Rocky's Story

Meet Rocky. He was our German Shepherd who we rescued from the vets I was working at during that time. It was guessed that he was around 9 months old, and it was clear to see that he had no socialisation or training. He was unruly and caused all sort of mischief in the kennels of the vets. For that reason he had to be moved to the local dog warden kennels, where, if no owner had come forward within a certain amount of time, he was to be put down! I waited patiently, constantly enquiring at the kennels to see whether an owner had come forward. No one did. I re-homed him and started working with him straight away. He was eager to learn and was desperate for stability and security. He turned out to be a marvellous family dog. In his later years, he became insecure and developed fear aggression after a couple of negative encounters. He also developed protective aggression when my children came along, being more aggressive if I had my children with me on a walk. I started doing B.A.T training with rocky which made a massive difference to his behaviour towards other dogs, although unable to eradicate this behaviour completely, I was able to manage it, and with constant training and rehabilitation I was able to have Rocky sit calmly whilst the other dog and owner walked by.



Rocky taught me a lot about dog behaviour especial aggression issues. and I owe him a lot. Sadly rocky passed at the beginning of 2016 of lymphoma. He is greatly missed and I always think of him when I deal with aggressive cases.

Rocky is proof that no matter what age or background a dog has come from previously, or whatever behaviour they develop there are ways of helping them.

He is also proof of how lack of or no socialisation when a puppy can have a significant effect on their behaviour.