A behaviour consultation is how behaviourists gather all the information they need to understand why a dog may be behaving in a certain way. Through a mixture of history taking, video analysis and in-person assessment, your behaviourist can identify the root cause of your dogs' behaviour change.


Consultation process

1) Book your free discovery call          A discovery call is a 20-minute phone call (I call you), where I can gather basic history and relevant information before going ahead with the actual consultation. During the call, we will book your consultation date and time.


2) You will be sent an email with a history form attached. You are requested to complete this and return it to me and any video footage of your dogs' behaviour at your earliest convenience.


3) The consultation is carried out in the home or virtually depending upon the case. This will be discussed during the discovery call.


4) At the end of the consultation, you will be advised on the steps required moving forward to help you and your dog. This includes discussing management and lifestyle changes you can instantly make to help alleviate stress and reduce reactivity. We will discuss programs and the best options for you.


5) You will receive a typed behaviour report summarising everything discussed during the consultation as well as an understanding of your dogs' behaviour. You will also receive a proposed treatment program.


6) I provide all my clients with ongoing support via phone or email Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm.


In-person consultations - £85.00 ( maximum of an hours travel time)


Virtual consultation - £75.00

In some cases, it is not in the dogs best interest for me to visit the home, e.g. dogs that are not comfortable with strangers in their home. Most aggression cases require a virtual consultation due to bite risk and safety.