NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2019! - things are about to change.


"NEW FOR SEPTEMBER 2019 - as many of you are aware things are extremely busy at Gemma's Dog Training & Behaviour. In order to keep such as high standard and to continue offering the bespoke service and support which my clients have come to know and love I am implementing a new diary and will only be taking on new clients who are aware of the commitment it takes with time, possible life style changes and money, in order to see the results they so much desire with their dogs. This ensures that i am able to commit to my long term clients who have signed up for behaviour therapy support packages - Ongoing support is after all the reason why Gemma's Dog Training & Behaviour is so unique compared to others in the dog training and behaviour world.

As of September the 1st 2019 i will be taking on only four behaviour cases per month with behaviour consults being booked on Mondays - this reduction in behaviour consults per months means i can have the behaviour report written and sent to the owner with 48 hours adding a more efficient service to my new behaviour clients - yet another bespoke service.

Wednesdays & Thursday will be for my 1-1 obedience clients and 1-1 coaching sessions for behaviour client.

Classes for both puppy and adults will be held on Thursday and Friday evenings (dates and times published regularly).

BEHIND THE SCENES: As always i strive to be the best i can be, meaning i can offer more knowledge to my clients which will only aid in seeing better results long term with their dog. Behind the scenes i am working hard on my canine holistic diploma and their are some huge changes coming in the near future which i am currently working on but cannot divulge as yet.

I am also working on Behaviour talks which are going to be presented to local vet practices and seminars which will be available to the canine dog professional and owner.

ALSO NOTE that as of September 1st 2019 their will be some price changes to some of my services.

I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to my existing clients and previous ones for their support. I would also like to send a huge thank you to my husband for his constant support, help and understanding.

And a big shout out to Lisa Morris of paws a while with me dog boarding for being such a supportive colleague."

I would also like to thank Sundean Vet Clinic of Lydney for their amazing support and behaviour referrals.

If you have any enquirers and would like to discuss your dogs behaviour problems then please call me on 01594 835268 or contact me via email to

Office opening hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Thanks for reading!

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