Book update - Back to the drawing board

Well, I started off like a rocket and know have reached burn out! who knew that writing a book could be so exhausting!! life has also taken over so what in various different areas, so it has left me little time for bok writing. I had a total meltdown with my book last week and went completely back tot he drawing board with lots of brainstorming and chapter editing. It's some what annoying, but the more I write the more I think of it, then i lose track of my path and direction and what the content and scope of the book is about. I just want o give you so much info!! then I find myself thinking of subsequent books which can follow this one, do I then make it a series, do I do a 1.0 and 1.1 or do I try and put it all in one book? my head starts spinning I have ideas flying about the place and then I have to try and focus.

so I went back to the drawing board and got re-focused. The other night I managed to write two chapters! Woop! Woop! back in the game.

I am currently working on chapters that give owners the first initial requirements for helping their reactive dogs, and that is understanding. The only way you can help your dog is to understand what sets them off, how it started, what have you already tried, what hasn't worked etc. But not only this, but you also need to understand the physical, psychological and emotional effects reactive episodes have on our dogs. Once you understand you will start having several light bulbs going off in your head, and things will start to fall int place, you can then support your dog in the way he needs.

you see not every dog is the same, the reason he reacts is individual to him and the reactive behaviour he chooses to show and the severity of this is also individual to him. There is no one method that "fixes" every dog. I know there are lots of reactive dog books out there, but the advice they give is very generic, they have to be, they are trying to cover as many types and help as many owners as they can, and are not able to give specific advice as the author of that book does not know your dog. However what i plan to do, is give you the owner exercises to help you dig deep into understanding your dog's behaviour and looking at your dog as an individual, to then help you work your way through the rest of the book and exercises knowing what will work best for your individual dog. I am planning on inserting practical pages within the book that you can use to fill in, so the book then also becomes a diary fo your journey. This will help you track progress and highlight areas of modification that may not work.

All in all helping your dog, giving you empowerment and helping you keep a positive mindset is the key to success.

Because I am so excited about my book, and I cannot wait to share it with you, I am going to give you a FREE bit of advice RIGHT NOW!

Get a pen and paper and a cup of tea. I want you to think about when your dog's reactive behaviour started? how old were they? has it always been there? what happened? how have you handled it? what have you tried? what has worked? what hasn't worked? how long does it take our dog to recover? how often and when do these episodes happen? build a clear picture of your dog's behaviour. You will be surprised what you uncover, and let the magic of light bulbs flood into your head. We explore much more in the book, but this will give you a good head start.

SOOO excited!

Thanks for reading dog lovers.



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