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There is a deep passion within me that relates to helping owners of reactive dogs. The driving force behind this is my late beloved dog Rocky who had fear reactive behaviour around other dogs. He taught me a great deal, and I suddenly had a completely new understanding and found sympathy for dog owners who were also living with a reactive dog.

Back at the beginning of last year, when the nation was faced with the first national Lockdown due to Covid-19, the industry of dog training and how it was provided as a service took a massive change to virtual. Suddenly we were not allowed in peoples homes to carry out consultations, group obedience classes were cancelled, and 1-2-1's were not allowed. We had to adapt very quickly, which was bloody hard. However, fast forward a year and it now feels the norm.

During the first lockdown, I developed a five-day reactive dog challenge which was a huge success. It helped owners open their eyes to what was happening with their dogs, and the fact their dog wasn't just being naughty, there was a real emotional drive for this behaviour among many other things. This then led me to develop a special eight-week program called 'From Reactive-Passive'. It takes owners on an enlightening journey from utter despair to clarity and control, whilst at the same time implementing many techniques and training methods which can help them build confidence with their dog, give them tools and techniques to cope with emergency situations, how to prevent reactive episodes happening in the first place, recovery protocols an important emphasis on the owners themselves, changing their mindset so as they are better equipt to help and support their dogs. However, this still wasn't' and isn't enough for me, and I have future plans to develop the program further with a sister program. For now, I wanted to reach out and give others the opportunity to experience what others have by giving them a taste of what's in my program through the publication of a survival guide for reactive dog owners, a go-to guide, that can help you practically developed the skill you and your dog need to make positive changes and reduce reactive episodes.

So, here we are, I have started writing this book and I need you guys to hold me accountable. I will be sharing with you my book journey, all the exciting bits like sneaky peeks at extracts to the down write dirty when it gets to the editing stages.

Currently, the first draft holds over 7,000 words ( I am aiming for 30,000). I need your guys' support. Spread the word, but also be there when I feel like giving up, hit a brick wall or have burn-out. give me a kick up the arse and remind me of why I am doing it and more importantly that I can do it!

Wish me luck!



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